Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blueberry Overload and Honeysuckle Breeze

This week is the last chance to buy the two newest scents, Blueberry Overload and Honeysuckle Breeze, at a special introductory price. Why is the last week? Because I will be listing 2, maybe 3 new scents in the next few days!

Blueberry Overload Luxury Soap- with real blueberry fibers for exfoliation

Honeysuckle Breeze Luxury Soap- Beautiful honeysuckle scent with a sweet nectar top note

Body Butter Bars are on sale in both scents as well!

The soaps are $1 off the regular price and the Body Butter Bars are $1.50 off the regular price.

Visit MY STORE for descriptions and more pictures!

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