Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another new product- Rose Petal Soap

I am taking advantage of a creative spurt by making some new things for my shop. I was going to start a line of fun soap shapes, like popsicle and jelly bean shaped soaps but I got the urge to try my hand at wedding favors.

So I went to my favorite store today and looked around the wedding section. I found a few containers for favors but I wasn't sure what to put in them. Then I turned around and saw something I haven't used for quite a while with soap: silk rose petals!

Several years back I made single use soaps by dipping fake rose petals in clear, scented glycerin soap. When it dries you have a beautiful soap coated rose petal. Simply wash with the rose petal and toss it when you are done. They were great to carry with you or for guest soap in the bathroom. The idea is to use each one once and then toss.

Tonight I made some for the first time in quite a while and I have to admit my technique needs a bit of practice. The soap kept alternately hardening and dripping when it wasn't supposed to. But I had some turn out well. I took some pictures because who wants to hear all of this without pictures?? That would just be cruel.

This small take out container measures 2 1/2" tall, 2" deep, and 2 1/2" wide. It holds 11 Rose Petal Soaps

This container measures 2" across and 7/8" tall. It holds 4 Rose Petal Soaps. (And it was a real pain to take pictures of, lol. It looks much better in real life.)

I plan to play with the packaging a bit before I list these on my Etsy site but I hope you have enjoyed the pics!

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