Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Soap Scents Mean Free Samples!!

Where has the time gone? Has the summer just flown by for anyone else? It sure has for me!

I have been busy making soap and have listed several new scents on Etsy. As always the soaps are made with skin loving ingredients and loads of shea butter.

What this means for all of you great readers is FREE SAMPLES!!
Simply email me your address at '' and I will send you a sample of each soap listed below.
Hurry because this promotion will end September 22nd, 2009.

Have a great week and stay clean!

Grapefruit Mint-
a fresh, energetic soap that is perfect for those mornings you need to get up and get moving! Made with grapefruit, peppermint, and spearmint essential oils that are know for their energizing properties and are sure to give you a boost. Real calendula petals provide a touch of exfoliation.
This is an all natural soap made with essential oils and colored with natural colorants derived from plants.

Sweet Honeycomb-
Sweet Honeycomb is a pure, raw honey fragrance. Rich honey notes and sweet, delicate beeswax are combined for an intoxicating honey scent. You won't believe how fantastic Honeycomb smells until you try it for yourself!

Mediterranean Sea Glass-

Close your eyes and imagine a trip to the Mediterranean Sea with me. Inhale the clean scent of sparkling, clear blue water, a sweet fruity aroma wafting from the tropical drink in your hand, and feel the warm sun beating down on you. As you are walking down the lovely beach you spy something greenish-blue as the tide recedes and you snap it up before the waves come crashing back to wash it out to sea. It's a piece of sea glass and the perfect memento of your trip! Now open your eyes and let the clean, sweet aroma and beautiful blues and greens of our Mediterranean Sea Glass Luxury Soap keep the day dream alive.

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